Curious about how and what you will learn in Prime International? Interested to know the Programmes we have? Fret not! We do have trial classes for you to try out. Trial classes are open to all new visitors and are designed to let you learn more of our school environment before joining us. Get exposed to our virtual classrooms and know what it is like before you sign up at Prime International.


2021 & 2022 intake for Primary and Secondary school!

  • Are you seeking solutions to these problems:

  • Facing difficulties choosing the right school?

  • Looking for a school providing IGCSE Program?

  • Dealing with ineffective online learning?

  • Developmental milestones in your child's upbringing?

  • Meeting expectations for your child’s academic progress?

  • Effective ways in handling defiant children?

Let’s connect to chat about your education pathway and answer any queries you may have.

Click this link for TRIAL CLASS 

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