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Gavel Club

Public Speaking

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Prime International  Secondary School Gavel Club has been formed by our Founder Renée Wong since 2016. 


It is often said that big employers often have numerous business meetings and presentations every day where the ability to speak in public is critical. Those who work in local, state, and federal governments must constantly present their ideas and give speeches on proposed legislation.


The way our Gavel Club works is simple. Once a week, our regular meeting is held. In these meetings there are many unique speaking roles: one person prepares a speaking tip, one keeps time of speakers and gives reports, one is the ballot counter and announcer, along with many others. Each role is a vital part of the meeting, helping each member learn speaking skills in many different ways. 


And the unique thing about the way our club works? The meetings are completely run by the teens themselves! It's not just a teaching time - it's a hands-on learning time, where everyone works together, and learns from each other, in a supportive environment.

A Gavelier's hard work pays off quickly, too. After giving their first 10 speeches, they will receive the crisp, gilded Competent Gavelier Communicator certificate from Toastmasters International, suitable for framing. This certificate is nationally recognized, and will show any employer that your student has what it takes for their job opportunity.

So if you're ready for your student to start improving their public speaking skills, why not consider Prime International Gavel Club? Want to see our club in action at a meeting? We'd love to have you, just drop us a line at our Contact page with any questions you may have.Aspire to Inspire on Stage!

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