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Mr and Mrs Eng chose Prime International because of our focus on public speaking, the interesting teaching methods of our teachers and the flexibility we provide Kelvy in pursuing her dream.


Kelvy used to be an irresponsible child who was terrible in academics. Ever since she joined Prime International, she has transformed herself into a hardworking child who is motivated to do homework. She is now pursuing her dream to become a badminton coach.


Mr Goh, the CEO of the well-known Clean Pro Laundry Express in the Asia Pacific, saw our style of education as very different from other schools. He was also touched by the commitment of our teachers.

His two daughters, Shianne and Ru Yi, decided to join Cambridge Asia 3 years ago while his son, Ken Siang, was still at an International School. It was not until a year ago, that Ken Siang, after witnessing the changes in his sisters, academically and beyond, decided to join Cambridge Asia.



Sherrine noticed her daughter becoming more lively and developed a positive attitude towards studies ever since she joined Prime International.

"The Teachers are very good, always having interaction with the students. Classes are never boring."

Parent of Joel Lee

"Teachers are strict, luckily Jaden still cooperates. As a parent, I learn alot when accompanying him during online classes. We learn new knowledge together."

Mr. Yang, Parent of Jaden Yang

"Teacher Tina is a very dedicated teacher. She goes to the extend of recording herself teaching with the Science Textbook and loading it on to Google Classroom. Dedicated teachers we don't often see in Private Schools."

Parent of Jasper
Parent of Jacob Gan

"As a parents we are happy to enroll our son, Trishan in Prime International as it is a wholesome school which incorporates public speaking session. We would also like to thank the educationist of Prime International for every subject as they are constantly giving their utmost dedication teaching my son especially Mr.Ken , Mr Joel and Mr. Nicholas."

Parent of Thrishan

"Prime International is totally a great homeschool. It has all the dedicated teachers in the school giving their utmost dedication into teaching their subjects.  My son is very happy attending to Prime International. Even during government declared “Movement Control Order”, the school & teachers took the painstaking efforts to set up online classroom so that students will still be able to learn from home and will not miss out in academic studies." 

Cindy Poon, Parent of Jacob

"During MCO, e-Learning at Google Classroom is a very good platform. As a parent, I have the chance to sit together with my son and study together through Google Classroom, and acquired much knowledge together. I also get to know the announcements from teachers efficiently that will notify me through email or phone. Prime International is a great homeschooling center. Appreciate teachers for their care and hard work too." 

Mrs. Yang, Parent of Jaden Yang 

"Teacher Anitha is very good and patient, she interacts well with her students in her classes."

Parent of Vhireshan

"Teachers are doing excellent jobs in online classes especially Teacher Wen, she is the Best Teacher."

Parent of Vhishodhan

"As a Parent, I would like express my appreciation to all Prime International Management Team and Teachers for the effort to enable our children to keep learning through the entire MCO and CMCO period to-date via ZOOM for the past months. WELL DONE!"

Marcus Chong, Parent of Chong
Jia Ying

"Great schooling environment with passionate teachers & trainers 😊Public speaking (included in the time table) and ScopeIT ICT (One of the school’s electives subjects) would prepare the kids for their career pathway soon👍."

Lin Ibrahim, Parent of Adam Harith

"I chose Prime International for my eldest son because I like the Public Speaking class that is embedded into their school timetable. It is an amazing skill that student will learn in school now where it will be beneficial for them in near future. Teachers are passionate too about student's progress."

Parent of Jackie Yeoh

"Prime International is a very organised school. Facility up to international school level and good environment for student. The walking distance to sports center are located at educational hub of Puchong. Great bonding between teacher and students. Yearly interesting events like filed trip, bazaar, public speaking, debates, talent show, concert, teacher & parents' day."

Parent of Nalim Yeoh
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