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Prime International Third House Olympic

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

This year saw the successful hosting of Prime International's final online prime Olympic event. This time, there were a lot of games in this event because we wanted to make it more enjoyable.

The primary and secondary marks were combined and divided into house teams. Then the first game began, in which each individual had to correctly answer the riddle and obtain the object mentioned within the time limit. They must show the object to their camera, and if they succeed, they are awarded three points.

The most surprising session was when the teachers joined in on the games designed by the organising team. Initially, the teachers were given extremely difficult riddles, which forced them to think even harder. Then they had to track down the committee that had switched them to the wrong team. Finally, they were asked to sing their favorite song, which was very amusing because the teacher's songs were unexpected. HAHAHAHA!!

We decided to add up the scores from the three events at the end of the event. This time, Basilisk took first place with an unbelievable 899 points. Surprisingly, Dragon and Kraken tied for second place with the same 888 points. Finally, Phoenix receives 522 points, but at least they tried their hardest. So a big applause to all 4 house teams!!

The organizing team - Goh Ruyi, Angelene Tham, Desmond Chan , Jason Yan , Wong Yong sheng, Hee Chen Qian, and Chu Ling Jie from year 10 would like to give our warm thanks to everyone who have participated. Although the event was messy and chaotic, we learn from our mistakes and hope to create more fun activities in the future. We hope to host more fun activities so hang in there! We will be back.

- written by Angelene Tham

Prime International Third House Olympics1

Prime International Third House Olympics2

Prime International Third House Olympics3

Prime International Third House Olympics4

Prime International Third House Olympics5

Prime International Third House Olympics6

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