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Our students took part in the 2023 MSSD and MSSS over the past few weeks and have brought back remarkable achievements. We wish to congratulate our athletes for making the school proud!

MSSS Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament

Foo Pei Qi (1st runner up)

MSSS Badminton 2023

U18 Women's Singles Eng Kelvy (Quarter-final)

U18 Women's Doubles Eng Kelvy (Semi-final/ Second runner-up)

MSS Akuatik Selangor 2023

Event 206 Boys (13-15) 50m Breaststroke Ranked 20th out of 151: Pun Jin Wen 36.67s

Event 207 Girls (16-18) 50m Breaststroke Ranked 12th out of 37 swimmers: Liew Xinfaye 46.44s

Event 318 Boys (13-15) 100m Breaststroke Ranked 17th out of 84 swimmers: Pun Jin Wen 1:24.52 min

MSSD Badminton Petaling Perdana 2023

U18 Women's Singles Eng Kelvy (First runner-up)

U18 Women's Doubles Eng Kelvy & Victoria Phui (First runner-up)

MSSD Chess Petaling Perdana (Under 15 Boys) 1. Ong Jia Le 6W 2L, Final ranking: 10 2. Liew Kyson 5W 3L, Final ranking: 40 3. See Shao Jie 4W 4L, Final ranking: 90

Prime International Secondary School ranked 14th out of 54 schools that participated.

Congratulations to our student Ong Jia Le who has won a bronze medal!

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