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Teaching Kids to Learn, by Teaching Kids to Code

ScopeIT Education is now in Prime International!


ScopeIT Education is now delivering our popular digital technologies lessons to Malaysian schools. Founded in Australia, but now operational with local Malaysian instructors, we offer a suite of in-school lessons that have been developed to help prepare your students for their digital futures.


ScopeIT Education is the industry leader in providing professionally developed digital technologies syllabus and lessons for Primary School students closely aligned with the Board of Studies and Department of Education and Community (DEC) curriculum and outcomes.



ScopeIT is an Essential Skill

ScopeIT Education courses are tightly integrated with the state and national curriculum, providing lessons by our own trained and skilled Instructors on a wide selection of topics including

  • Coding

  • Robotics 

  • 3D Printing

  • Web and App Development 

  • Digital Citizenship


We believe every Malaysian child should learn the essential skills to become creators of technology, not simply consumers.

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