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Prime International Second House Olympics

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

The second online event of Prime International has arrived!

After finishing our first event, we decided to move on to our second. The games are divided into two sessions, with elementary and secondary students playing separate games.

Secondary students participated in a Drawize game in their House Team, in which participants had to guess the object or item drawn.

We decided to split the primary and secondary sessions into two sessions after learning from our mistakes during our first Olympic event. As with the first event, we wanted it to be chaotically FUN! As for Primary Students, they played "Blowing Tissue", in which competitors had to blow the tissue paper up and stay in afloat as long as possible. The longer the student spend blowing and the longer it stays in the air, the more points you earn. SIMPLE & FUN! At the end of the event, we compiled both secondary and primary games and the results were astonishing! Mighty Dragon takes the spot as first place with a stunning 609 points, they certainly put on a brave stand to stay there for a long time. Basilisk takes second place with 595 points while Kraken takes the third spot with 575 points. Last but not least, Phoenix takes the last place with only 245 points. PHEEWWWwww~~ The stakes are high everyone! Stay tuned for our final Prime Olympic Event! 🥇🥈🥉🏅

Prime International Second House Olympics

Prime International Second House Olympics

Prime International Second House Olympics

Prime International Second House Olympics3

Prime International Second House Olympics4

Prime International Second House Olympics5

Prime International Second House Olympics6

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