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Speech Craft

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Rhetoric is the power of determining in a particular case what are the available means of persuasion.” by Aristotle, a profound word used in the Speech Craft Workshop earlier this week.

Public Speaking's Speech Craft Workshop expands the writer's horizon of bringing words to life with an extra flair to make any statement prominent in the minds' of listeners.

Students were taught to cast their script in a direct, simple and often persuasive sentences that can easily be understood by the listeners. Speeches are well often in a rhetoric manner where variation, cadence and a balance in words are used in scripts. After a week of researching a topic, students were instructed to prepare an outline from which the speech will be developed, striving for a cohesive and clear theme throughout their speech. Apart from this, the clarity such as facial expressions and hand gestures is as important as taking consideration of the grammar.

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